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Roof Repairs:

Roof repairs requires a very high level of experience and expertise to perform properly.  Any one can slap some flashing cement and pretend like the problem is fixed, when in reality it's just a band aide type fix that will fail in the near future.  Mainland's approach to repairs are done in manner that should last as long as the remaining life of the roof, a permanent fix the way it should of been done in the first place. With over 28 years of repairing roofs, we can immediately identify and rectify the problem.  Our expertise allows us to provide you with a very cost effective repair.  You can be assured that we can take care of any repairs necessary.  We always use premium products and repair other areas that may give you problems in the future.  Our goal is that you never have to call us back for the same leak.

We repair all types of roofs!
Our service department operates 24-7, so we are always available whenever you need us!.
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