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Insurance Claims:

As a roofing contractor, we can inform you of the process and options available to you with an insurance claim.  We will also provide you with a written proposal that is usually required by insurance companies.  Only licensed attorneys or public adjusters can negotiate insurance claims if retained by the policyholder.

Once we access the damage to your property we can then advise you on the route to take with your insurance claim.  It may be to take your chances with the insurance adjuster or we could recommend a public adjuster or attorney.  Depending on your deductible and damages, it may be best not to file a claim at all.  Typically an insurance company will pay to repair or replace your roof if it was damaged by a sudden event like a wind storm, fallen tree, lightning...  They usually will not pay for a roof that has exceeded its useful life and doesn't have any evidence of damage from a sudden event.  They will however pay for interior damages caused as a result.  Contact us to help guide you through the claim process.

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