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Flat Roof Coatings & Restorations:

Go Green while maximizing a roof's life cycle!

Some roofs may be restored with coatings without having to replace them, thus eliminating the use of landfills while saving about 30% of the air conditioning cost.  Reflective coatings prevent the deterioration of the existing roof caused by the heat, exposure to the elements and UV degradation. Some roofs can be coated indefinitely if maintained properly.  Sounds great but not all coatings are the same and perform substantially different, some may even ruin your roof and void any warranties. It is best that you contact us for an evaluation of your roof to determine if it is a good candidate for a roof coating.

As mentioned, flat or metal sloped roofs maybe painted with a white reflective coating for energy efficiency and waterproofing  properties.   The least expensive are water based elastomeric coatings that should only be used if there isn't any ponding water on the roof.  Solvent based elastomeric coatings perform better under ponding water condition but will require periodic maintenance as the algae growth and elements will cause it to fail.  100% Silicone coatings are ponding water resistant and of course are the most expensive.  Be careful as some products may mention silicone in their name and are not 100% silicone.  These coatings may require a primer, foundation coat, polyester fabric, professional prep work or all of the above.  Contact us for a free evaluation!

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