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Get your roof ready for this new hurricane and rainy season!

If  you haven't done so already, this is what you need to make sure of:

1).  Remove any debris or loose objects on roofs.

This could include loose tiles and  parts left by other  trades.    A great deal of damage can be done to a roof when objects with sharp metal edges are blown across a roof, puncturing the roof system as they go.  Trash and vegetation that may clog drains or scuppers can cause roof failure or collapse .

2).  On commercial roofs, make sure a/c compressors or any other rooftop equipment are properly anchored.  Many times as these units are replaced they are not strapped down and could become projectiles.

3).  Make sure that any necessary repairs are addressed and any preventative maintenance is done.

4).  Make sure gutters and down spouts are clean and secure.

5).  Cap off wind turbines, "Whirlybirds", as they most likely are not hurricane resistant and will leave a big opening in your roof.

6).  Trim any trees encroaching or that could fall on to your roof(s).

7).  Don't forget to secure  those extra roof tiles we may have left as extras.

We recommend that a contractor, like ourselves, inspect your roof(s) and not to put yourself or an emplyee in harms way.  Stay safe this hurricane season!

p.s. To all our valued customers, should our phones or internet connections go down, you can always visit us at our office, we should be there after a severe storm

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