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Roof Cleaning In South Florida:

Our humid climate allows moisture to settle on to roofs allowing mold, mildew, fungus and algae to grow rampant.  These unwanted organisms coupled with the accumulation of dirt can quickly become unsightly on a roof if left unchecked.  Cleaning a roof is therefore needed in order to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

The often employed method of blasting the roof with a high pressure washer to remove the buildup will actually damage your roof and does very little in killing the micro organisms growing in the roof.  Applying bleach is very toxic and will damage your landscaping.  The correct method of cleaning roofs is to use an environmentally friendly solution that will effectively kill the micro organisms using low pressure.  This will allow the roof to stay cleaner for a longer period of time as repeated roof cleaning with harsh chemicals will lead to premature aging.

Problems in using high pressure washer to clean a roof

Shingle Roofs: Using high pressure to clean a shingle roof will cause a severe loss of granules!  The embedded granules is what protects the asphalt shingles from the elements.  Any loss of granules will decrease the life of the roof.  All shingle manufacturers will void their warranty if a roof has been pressure washed.  Many shingle roofs are replaced prematurely because they were pressure washed or improperly cleaned.

Tile & Metal Roofs: Using high pressure to clean a tile or metal roof will damage the finish by causing chips and accelerated wear by artificially eroding and abrading the surface. Quite literally adding ‘wear and tear’ that is just not necessary.


Problem in just hiring anyone to clean your roof.

Just about anyone can rent a pressure washer and offer to clean your roof at a relatively low cost?  These individuals most likely have no training working on or cleaning roofs. They also probably don't have proper insurance coverage and could slip and fall.  You or your company could be sued if someone is hurt on your property.  We are often called to repair broken tiles caused by other individuals who "cleaned" their roof!  Is it really worth it? The roof may look clean after their done but at what cost? Hire a professional that knows how to walk on a roof without breaking it and understands how to properly clean your roof without damaging it.

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