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Myths About Metal Roofs:

Cost Metal roofs are just too expensive and you shouldn't even consider them!  A metal roof will usually cost slightly more then a tile roof and could even be about the same or less depending on your specific roof.  Metal roofs get the reputation as being expensive as people are comparing them to an asphalt shingle roof which in that case is about twice as much.  In fact, a properly installed metal roof can be one of the the least expensive roofing systems due to its expected life.  With so many tile roofs in South Florida, many property owners don't even consider a metal roof due to it's expensive misunderstanding.

Rust We all know how metal can rust in our wet and humid climate that we have in South Florida so it doesn't make any sense to install a metal roof!  Metal roofs are made out of galvanized steel, aluminum or copper.  These metals on their own are very resistant to rust.  Additionally, with the exception of mill finish panels, metal roofs come with a factory finish to further enhance their rust proofing capabilities.  Metal roofs systems are built to last for many years but proper installation is required in order to prevent rust from occuring.  For example, all cuts made to the metal at the job site needs to be primed and coated as the metal will be raw and exposed to accelerated rusting.  Additionally, any leaks that gets trapped on the under side can also cause rusting.  Mill finish roofs and galvanized steel roofs are not recommended in coastal areas as the salt water will also accelerate rusting.  Most manufactures only have warranties for coated aluminum or copper in coastal zones.  We have come across many metal roofs that have failed prematurely because of improper installation or design.

Lightning Metal conducts lighting, so why would I put a metal roof over my property? A metal roof will not increase the chance of lightning striking your property.  In fact, if your property were struck by lightning, the metal roof could disperse the energy safely throughout the structure. Metal roofs aren't combustible or flammable. They are great option where severe weather is a concern, especially for lightning and fire.  The reason we put a fire barrier on metal roofs is to prevent a fire outside the property from causing a fire on the inside as metal can get very hot during a fire and the heat may transfer through the metal causing a fire on the roof deck below.

Noise I've heard those noisy metal roofs on patios and don't want the same on my property!  Metal roofs have excellent sound proofing qualities with minimal transmission. You will not hear any clanking during a heavy downpour or hail storm as you would in an an aluminum patio roof.  You see, your property will have a wood deck and usually attic space, insulation and drywall or plastered ceilings which will keep any noise on top undetectable.  People often associate the noise an aluminum patio roof makes with a metal roof which is not the case.

Dents and ScratchesI don't want to have to call body shop repair man to fix my roof after a storm or someone walks on top of it!  Metal roofs can withstand a hailstorm just as good as any other roof finish, if not better. Factory applied finishes are similar to your car's finish and are very resistant which come with excellent warranties.  Someone walking on top of the rise of a standing seam seam could damage the panel but that individual has no business on top of roof as it's common sense to walk on the flat part.  Some profiles in metal tiles could bend and cause dents by walking on them.  Such profiles are therefore only recommended for very steep, mansard roofs where walking on top of the roof is not possible.

Heat Metal gets very hot so why do I want a frying pan over my property?  As with any roof finish, the color will dictate the reflectivity of the sun and thus how hot the surface will get which could transfer the heat into your property.  The lighter the color, the cooler the surface will be, white being the coolest color available.

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