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Typical Pitch Pans vs. Curbs With Pourable Sealer:

The most critical points on a flat roof are its penetrations.  We use what is called curbs with pourable sealer instead of pitch pans with hot tar topped off with flashing cement.  The latter method will fail within 6 months after installation and will require constant maintenance.  The curbs with the pourable sealer require very little maintenance, if any, for the life of roof.  They do cost more up front but will save the owner lots of money in the long run while avoiding interior damages and maintenance.  Please make sure these are specified when comparing bids!


Curb with Pourable Sealer

Typical Pitch Pan.jpg

Typical Pitch Pan
Will deflate, crack and fail.

Pitch Pan Problem.jpg

Typical Pitch Pans
Lack of required maintenance caused bases to rot.

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