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With thousands of roof installations throughout South Florida, we will give you referrals for your specific type of roof and area.  Contact us for more details!
Excerpts from Customer Testimonials:

“The staff is very helpful. They dealt with my HOA throughout the entire process. I didn’t have to lift a finger” -Marisol B.

“I received a lot of useful information from their free estimate. I called to replace my roof because the ceiling was stained. The gentlemen gave a full analysis of the roof and explained that it still had a few more years left. He also explained how the tiles and paper work and when I should consider replacement.” -Cary L.

“Good people. Not your typical roofers.” -Anthony S
“Mainland is very pleasant to deal with. I recommend them to everyone I know.” Christina D.

“When the inevitable problem comes up, they handle it professionally. My house had more rotted wood than their allowance, so the supervisor called me to let me know to expect a wood bill at the end of the project. He told me roughly about how much it would cost. What shocked me was how well it was documented. They provided me with detailed photos showing the damaged wood, and how it was replaced. Sharp work.” Robert G.

“I did my roof with Mainland about 14 years ago. I called them out because I thought my roof was leaking and it was still covered in the warranty. They came over right away. It ended up being a problem with my AC unit so it wasn’t roof related. But they still treated it like warranty and didn’t charge me anything.” -Bertha M.

“Just did a roof coating with Mainland Roofing Company. I didn’t even know this was an option until the supervisor explained it to me. Their information and knowledge saved me thousands of dollars by not having to replace my roof. The roof looks very sharp and clean cut.” Thomas K.

“I called them out for a leak, and they were able to see me the next day. A few days later I approved the work, and it was completed the next day. Very prompt.” -Thomas H.

“Another roofer convinced me that I had to replace all the chipped tiles on my roof. One of their supervisors explained that the minor chips wouldn’t affect the performance of the roof and offered to only replace the severely broken ones. Their honesty saved me a few hundred dollars.” -Maria F.

“The service was very friendly and thorough. A supervisor spent about an hour explaining how roofing systems work and what different options I had to choose from.” Samantha R.

“I have been shopping around for a new tile roof and realized that most roofers only offer 10 or 12 year warranties, but Mainland offers 15 year warranties. and 30 years on their underlayment. They also offer double the wood allowance of others. Definitely an above average company.” -George R.

I chose Mainland roofing on the professional and personal touch that I received during the selection process while securing a roofing contractor. I checked the BBB for any prior complaints and found none. Mainland workers are very good, they always came on time, completed the work for that day and always cleaned after themselves, which was very important to me. Every portion of the scheduled work was completed in a timely manner. We had some set back due to heavy rain but I had no problems with the roof because they had it all dried in at that point, also I was always informed throughout the installation process. Chris,  the Mainland representative would contact me to let know when the Dade County inspector were scheduled, and the progress of the installation. Thank you Mainland Roofing for a Great Job! -Gary N.

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