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Residential Roof Maintenance:

We definitely don't want you to go up on the roof or in the attic and possibly hurt yourself but there are a few trade secrets that we'll share with you so you check for problems from below:

  1. Check that your down spouts are not clogged with debris and that the gutters are not loose.

  2. Walk around the perimeter of your roof and look for water stains or wood rot on your soffits and behind you drip edge metal.

  3.  You can also check for damaged fascia boards while walking along the perimeter.

  4. If you have a shingle roof, stand back until you have a straight line of sight with the angle of your roof and look for shingles that are     lifted up more so then the others.  These could be popped nails and potential leaks.  Also look to see if any shingles that are curling, lifting on corners.

  5. Look for any unusual dips on the roof, this may be a leak with the deck rotted.

  6.  Look for missing shingles or tiles that may have slid or be broken.

  7. See if any trees are encroaching on to roof that may need to be trimmed.

  8. On metal roofs, look for any signs of rust.  Moisture could be trapped under the panels from a leak or finish could of been scratched.

  9. See if roof is has mildew or just doesn't look good, maybe it's time for a cleaning.

  10. See if attic turbines, "whirlybirds", are not spinning when wind is blowing or is they are rusted.

  11. Look for cracks on your exterior walls.

  12. Walk under your soffits and look for missing soffit vents or broken screens as critters will get into your attic.

  13. Look at the ceilings inside your house for stains or damage that may be roof leaks.  Pay close attention over valleys, roof vents and wall flashings as these are high problem areas.

  14. Look around your skylights from the inside of the house for any water stains or drywall damage.

We recommend that you visually inspect your roof before and after the hurricane/rainy season or after anyone has gone up on it.  Don't wait until the problem becomes bigger, catch it as early as possible.  Contact us if you find any these conditions to properly inspect your roof.  Protect your roofing investment and be safe!

Typical Roof Problems That Can Be Detected From The Ground..
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