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Commercial Roof Maintenance:

Don't wait until a leak shows up and damages your property.  Add years of life to your roof by detecting minor problems before the damage  becomes widespread and then turns out to be a major problem.  This is the key in extending the life of any roof!  Catch any issues quickly and rectify them.  Any damage from exposure to sun, rain, mechanical contractors, faulty installation and aging needs to addressed as as soon as possible on all components of a roofing system in order to extend its service life.  We recommend that roofs be professionally inspected before and after the hurricane/rainy season.  This way we can see if any damage exists before the most severe weather season or if any damage was caused by it.  The solar UV radiation is higher, and roofs are subjected to high heat and to thermal shock due to sudden cooling during summer rains. Studies have shown that a roof that is not regularly maintained may only last about half of its expected service life.  Don't assume that a warranty will help. Almost all manufacturers of roofing materials state specifically in their warranty that the warranty is void if the roof is not maintained.  Protect your roofing investment!

We can get you set up a on maintenance program to protect your roofing investment!
Typical Preventive Maintenance Problems That Can Easily Be Corrected.

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