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How long are roof tiles taking in South Florida?

Updated: Jan 28

The majority of roof tiles installed in South Florida are concrete and produced locally in Florida. Due to new construction development and strong demand for reroofing, concrete tile manufacturers have not been able to keep up with demand. This has caused a delay in product availability of up to six months. This could now get worse due to hurricane Ian. Manufacturers have discontinued many colors and even profiles to be more productive. Some distributors are stocking certain profiles and colors to alleviate this delay. This limits the owners to the available tiles or waiting months to get a specific tile of their choosing. Boral will be building a plant in the West Coast to help with the tile shortage but this will not help right now. Clay tiles are imported and have seen a dramatic price increase due to freight charges. Metal roofs have become a popular alternative to tile roofs as shortages have not been an issue. Also, standing seam metal roofs are ideal for solar panels as perforations are not required to mount the stands.

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