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Free commercial roof inspection!

Beat the hurricane and rainy season. Now is a great time to have your commercial flat roofs inspected to make sure there are no surprises once we enter into the hurricane and rainy season. Many problems and future leaks can be avoided with periodic roof inspections.

The following are typical problems we encounter on commercial flat roofs:

Roof debris which can back up roof drains and scuppers and tear up roof in high winds.

Damage from other trades leaving equipment and screws that can pierce membrane.

Clogged leader heads and downspouts.

Weathered caulking.

Flashing failures.

New roof mounted equipment not properly anchored to bases.

Ponding water damage.

Penetrations requiring maintenance.

Failure from exposure to the elements.

Algae and vegetation growth.

Edge detail failures.

Wall terminations failures.

Simple repairs can avoid major issues and interior damages. Don't wait for the leaks to occur and take a proactive approach, contact us for a free roof inspection!

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