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Skylights can liven up a room by bringing in natural or artificial light.  They come in various sizes and glazing options.  Many property owners resist installing skylights for fear of leaks and heat transmission.  We have mastered the installation of skylights and will provide you with a warranty as long as the roof.  Skylights come with energy efficient coating to allow the light transmission but keep the heat out and with double glazing to create an air space.  We only install skylights that are impact resistant and Miami-Dade approved.  This is very important as insurance companies are requiring proof of impact resistance or they may cancel your policy.

Type of Skylights:

Domed Skylights -  Brings in natural light and come with glazing options of bronze over clear, clear over clear or white over clear.  Standard sizes are
2'x2', 2'x3', 2'x4', 3'x3', 3'x4', 4'x4'. Larger custom sizes maybe available but require engineering.

Flat Skylights -
Same as above but typically cost more as their is a limited number of manufacturers that have Miami-Dade approval.

Tubular Skylights -
These skylights bring in artificial light as they bring in the sun light through a tubular mirror that run down the attic.  They come in 10" -14" diameter but since the sun light is amplified through the mirrored tube, they are very bright.  They can be very affordable as a chase does not need to be installed.

Custom Engineered Skylights -
Basically any design or shape can be custom fabricated and engineered but can be very expensive.

Natural skylights
Tubular skylights give off lots of light and are very compact.
Bronze domed skylights have an energy efficient  glazing while allowing lots on natural sunlight to pass.
White domed skylights are very cool while allowing sunlight to pass.
Tubular skylight cross section view.  Mirrored tube passes throught attic.
Tubular skylights installed on a shingle roof.
Tubular skylight intalled on tile roof.
Tubular skylight installed in new construction.
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