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What You Might Expect From Other Roofers!

We come across these roof problems every day, they are more wide spread then you might think.
( Click images to enlarge and see explanations. )
Previous contactor had used the lid of a can to cover rot instead of replacing wood.
Improperly designed or installed roof systems will blister.
Elastomeric coating applied where ponding water exists.  This will damage the roof by peeling off the top ply.  FPL had to change their rebate program after finding out that thousands of roofs were damaged by improper coatings.
In order to save the cost of a base sheet, previous roofer hot mopped directly to the wood which then had to be replaced.
Same, mopped over roof deck.  This is a common problem that we come across.  You need a trustwothy contractor that will not cut corners.
Typical pitch pans will fail and require constant maintenace.
Problem caused by use of typical pitch pans and lack of maintenance
Association was ripped off by a contractor that sold them on coating their flat and tile roofs.  They failed after the first rain fall.
We were able to replace the roofs for about the same as they were charged for a coating.
Primary scupper left too high causing ponding water problem.
Ponding is a very common problem
Another roof with ponding water problem.
Roof with severe ponding water.  This is actually a life saftey issue as the entire roof can collapse with the additional weight of the water.
Some contractors use scrap materials left over from other jobs or buy damaged materials.  There are at least four different types of 90lb. paper used.
Another roof with scap material used.  We use only new materials on your roof.
Another roof with scrap materials used.  The reason we have this photo is that the previous roofer didn't finish the job and we were called.
The use of scrap materials is very common with other contractors.
Typical problem where nails are left out of place which will turn into leaks.
Under driven nail left from installation pierced shingle causing a leak.
An experienced contractor knows that metal will corrode when in contact with concrete as it alway retains moisture.
This is actually a new roof done by another contractor.  We were called out after Owner gave up dealing with roofer.  We had to put a water pump and broom off the ponding water to make the emergengy repairs.
New installation of 90lb.tile underlayment paper with exposed nails.  Owner called us to finish job as previous contractor took the money, did lousy work and disappeared.
Patch work repairs done without permits.
While reroofing a condomminium, we found a gas vent that  at some point scorched the roof deck and almost caught on fire.  Previous roofers left the vent butting up to the wood deck which gets very, very hot.  They had also installed the wrong vent.  These are life saftety issues which we take very seriously.